An exacting knowledge of how spatial understanding has the ability to transform both built aesthetic and interior energy is a fundamental attribute of Biddi’s practice. With a decisive eye for dimension, composition and structure, this unique type of artistic understanding has been elemental in her coordination of product construction, visual merchandising and sensorial experiences.

Tactility is at the heart of all work. Exemplified in yuko design (2016—2019)—an independent practice crafting hand-bound and handwritten travel guides, stationery and collaborative projects from Japanese paper and fabric—Biddi’s hands meticulously craft everything she creates.

Handwriting remains a pillar of her practice, especially demonstrated in collaborations with independent photographers and bespoke companies—including renowned Australian skincare brand Aesop—in producing complete and unique narratives via the tangible value of paper.

A thoughtful approach to design and production is exemplified in a project’s physicality, and is fundamental in reserving environmental impact. Innovatively repurposing existing materials, wherever possible, is essential to Biddi’s practice, as is ethical manufacturing, material sourcing and treatment, and logistical operation.